Introduction of Fibreglass Platform Step Ladder and Its Benefits

Humans have created simple machines and tools to help ease the process of otherwise tough jobs. A ladder is one such tool which helps us get our jobs done faster and in a much more efficient way.

There are two types of ladders, a rigid ladder, and a rope ladder. A platform step ladder is a rigid ladder which has inclining steps and has self-supporting structures. This ladder is easy to fold and is very durable and flexible. They can be taken from one place to another very easily. These ladders are very safe and can manage to take lots of weight on it. They also have added mechanisms for further convenience. One of the best thing about this product is this ladder are light weighted. In short, Platform step ladder is an extremely handy tool for anyone who is in the mechanical, physical line or people working at home or at work. It serves the best purpose for reaching the lofts in the house. It is also highly recommended for day to day household chores like fixing things, changing light bulbs, cleaning lights or fans, putting up party decorations, hanging pictures on the wall etc.


Platform ladders have a multipurpose folding ladder which helps in doing all types of tasks done around the house and works sites.

Safety locks and bottom with rubber protective pads. As these ladders are used in homes and workplaces, safety locks are very important as we often use these ladders to clean, fix things or transfer heavy materials on lofts or upper shelf

Rubber Protective pads will help these ladders to stay gripped in a slippery surface.

The steps in this ladder are wide which will help the user climb comfortably and safely.

In this world every material has its depreciation time, we cannot stop it but can definitely reduce it. This ladder has corrosion resistance which helps the structure of ladder for longer life.

This ladder is easy to use and transport from one place to another.

This ladder is so handy that it can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

Nowadays lots of accident takes place due to electricity shocks, so this ladder has the non-conductive fiberglass material which will make this ladder safe to use around electricity.


This ladder is very handy and it takes small place as it is easy to fold.


  1. Platform step ladder has increased the dimensions of the steps which adds an additional pro to the ladder and which also creates an additional secure footing for the person using it.
  1. This ladder has the “swing back” technology of steps, which simply swings when opened and shuts when you pick it up unless old technology where the ladder is leaned against the wall which is very risky.
  1. This ladder has some area where you can store tools, paint cans etc. where you don’t have to hold these stuff while you are working at home or at a workplace.
  1. In this ladder, there is also a benefit of two people working simultaneously.
  1. This ladder is durable as it does not absorb moisture or significantly weakens in the sun.
  1. This ladder is made up of Fibreglass which serves as the best non-conductor as it does allow electricity to pass through it. So it is safer to use around power lines or other live sources of electricity.
  1. This ladder is very convenient as it is very light weighted and easy to transfer or do day to day works like cleaning, repairing etc.


360 Degree Photos Taken With the Lumia 520

Today I would like to share some 360-degree photos taken with the Lumia 520 and posted to Facebook-style 360 ° view. Picture taken from above gives a panoramic view of the city if you combine glass VR image viewer will be very interesting. With the phone, to capture 360 images, you can use the app very easy Google StreetView to post your photos in panorama craft and shooting from the roof of high-rise buildings.

360 degree photo

  • First, find the corner building, set parameters suitable camera and then capture from top to bottom, from left to right without missing any corner. Do the same with the three corners of the building, shooting as much, the moment there are many details to complete graft may use error correction.
  • Putting all of your photos into the computer and then use Microsoft ICE composite distribution (download here) is fully automated software you just wait seamer finished (required machine configuration relative to transplant).
  • After the transplant is complete picture will remain some errors, use Ps to fix the defective spot by the image composition. The bottom part of the image without detailed building you can be creative to fill vacancies (I usually use the clone stamp tool in order to mend Ps: 3)
  • When finished puzzle image to image 360 FB recognizes the need to change the image exif:
This link allows you to change the image EXIF photos taken with the device identification FB 360 °
Visit upload photos
exifme cast like this one:
Then scroll down and click goExifing upload photos on Facebook is possible up to 360-degree format
Few example photos that I have taken

Glitterskates Newest Special Guest Star Dave Morris

Say Hello to Dave Morris, a skater who visited Glitterskates Web Site and submitted all these wonderful photo’s of his brilliant skating career. Dave tells me that he skated as a kid, going to the local rink on Friday and Saturday night to be with friends but did not really take interest again until he had his own children. They skated together as a family until the kids were in High School. Dave stopped skating then and he says he quickly got out of the shape he had acquired through skating with his Kids.

In 1994 Dave’s wife Gretchen suggested he start skating again for the exercise. He found a rink 30 miles from his home, bought new skates and happened to meet Nancy Easter, the owner of Skateland USA, in Greensboro NC. Little did he know that this would be his new home for the next six years. After meeting the skating Instructor Tina Yow he found himself skating three days a week and a member of the Piedmont Artistic Skating Club. The Skating bug bit him and he was in love with skating.

After winning three medals at the 1999 Southeastern Regionals Dave and the Pro Photographer fashioned this pose. Dave’s way of saying “I’m done and I’m Happy.”